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Affin Investment Bank


Affin Investment Bank


Annual Report


It is one of the unique portfolios by Adcellent. The concept of this annual report utilises birds to demonstrate their unique characteristics, as some of the most admirable characteristics are found in the various species. Affin Investment Bank looked to their feathered friends to provide them with inspiration as they strive to remain at the forefront of the industry. Leveraging on their strength and pursuing new strategies, they emulated some of their best attributes as they aimed for the pinnacle of achievement.


The front cover design is very unique with the perfect color gradient which multiplied layer by shape of the bird’s wing and combined with the rotation of light color tones and modern lines. The cover also had a special production finishing effect by spot varnish on the stroke of the wing.


The wing symbolises Affin Investment Bank as a powerful force in their corporate identity. It entails the motion of taking flight and soaring high into the sky. The wing also symbolizes a focused direction and destination. Its positive connotations are stability, determination, power and ambition.


The material used was a good quality of 260gsm card which has a matt metallic effect.



January 1, 2015