Sin Chew E-paper

Sin Chew E-paper


Sin Chew E-paper – 新闻就要这 “Young” 看


Sin Chew E-Paper provides nationwide news of financial, sports, entertainment and supplements, as well as Malaysiawide of 11 local community news: 大都会(Metro Edition)、大霹雳 (Perak Edition) 、大北马(Northern Edition)、花城 (Seremban Edition)、古城 (Melaka Edition)、大柔佛 (Johor Edition)、东海岸 (East Coast Edition)、砂拉越-晋汉斯版 (Sarawak Edition)、砂拉越-中区版 (East Malaysia Edition)、砂拉越-北砂版 (Sarawak Edition)、沙巴版 (Sabah Edition) .


Adcellent is proud to participate in Sin Chew E-paper project, a digital version of Sin Chew Daily brand new platform to catch up with the latest trends around the world. In collaboration with The Star, Sin Chew E-paper offers a revolutionary and irresistible package to readers who can enjoy reading bilingually.


Our assigned role is to reposition Sin Chew E-paper from its initial positioning – “The Online News for Overseas Malaysian”. Through various research and analysis, the number of Malaysian Overseas is relatively low, and the market volume is below the expectation. Therefore, in line with the shifting online trend, we reposition Sin Chew E-paper to – “The Young Market Online News Apps” with slogan “新闻就要这”Young” 看”. After 1 year of rebranding, Sin Chew E-paper made remarkable breakthrough from 260 subscription rate to 160,000, and it is still growing in number.


January 1, 2015