Sin Chew KK Sabah

东马的品牌座谈会之行令我感受到东马人对企业和品牌的独特看法与想法,让我从中也学习不少。他们在座谈会现场上反应热烈与学习的精神更是让我非常感动, 因为这些商家领悟到品牌策略可助他们的业务更上一层楼。

非常感谢由星洲日报和星州电子报的邀约,让我有机会和热情的东马人一起分享品牌的重要性。此外,感恩沙巴州青运州分会、JCI Jesselton、客家公会经济组大力促成了这次的沙巴州品牌座谈会。感恩!

What a great experience in my Branding seminars which have been held in Kuching, Miri and Kota Kinabalu.

I am impressed to see the passionate East Malaysians with great interaction and enthusiasm for learning more about Branding during the seminars.
These entrepreneurs realized the importance of branding that can enhance their business.

I am grateful for the invitation by Sin Chew Daily and Sin Chew Epaper to share my branding experience with the attendants, and also thank to YMM Sabah Branch, JCI Jesselton, and Hakka Association in facilitate the Branding Seminar.