Malaysia China Silk Road Entrepreneurs Association (MCSREA)


Malaysia China Silk Road Entrepreneurs Association (MCSREA) logo is created by Adcellent. The logo is derived from the alphabet “M”. It is a symbolism of two men shaking hands in which an indication of the association providing the platform for Malaysia & China entrepreneurs. The letter “M” is in calligraphy form, which means that while promoting the development of economic and trade exchanges, we must not forget the philosophy of “Live to Learn.”. We continuously enrich the significance of cultural awareness and to lay a solid foundation for success.


《亲情中华,筑梦海丝》Malaysia-China Maritime Silk Road Cultural Performance 2018

Malaysia-China Maritime Silk Road Cultural Performance 2018 was organized by All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Malaysia 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Foundation, co-organized by MCSREA and The Alumni Association of Xiamen University in Malaysia; and supported by The Embassy of China and Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia. The official media partner was Sin Chew Daily and Sin Chew E-paper.


This successful event was planned and managed by Adcellent which was held at KLCC Plenary Hall. We had proudly invited Encik Isham Jalil, Former Mantan Pegawai Khas kepada YAB Perdana Menteri and Mr. Chen Chen, Chargé d’affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia to be our guests of honour of this event.


The purpose of the event is to take Chinese culture as a hinge to link and enhance the “Belt and Road” policy incorporation between China and Malaysia, and also the glorious establishment of Maritime Silk Road.


January 1, 2015