ENEOS is marketed in Malaysia by Nippon Oil Malaysia Sdn Bhd. ENEOS provides service and technology from Japan as well. ENEOS premium synthetic motor oils are the #1 choice of oil in Japan and are recognized for its superior quality and performance. All ENEOS engine oils are API SM certified, and ENEOS was the first company to market an API-approved 0W-50 engine oil.


ENEOS Car Services Centre is a Japanese One Stop Car Centre. ENEOS operates 3 branches in 1 UTAMA DAMANSARA, METRO PRIMA, KEPONG and BUKIT TINGGI, KLANG. ENEOS started operations in 2003 and currently ENEOS has a customer base of over 30,000 and this figure is increasing every year at a 30% rate. ENEOS is looking forward for future expansion in Malaysia.


Adcellent is proud to be entrusted the ENEOS Car Services Centre branding campaign event from 2007 to 2010. Adcellent was awarded this event by CEM ASIA Sdn Bhd which is one of the leading Japanese Newsletters publishers.


Adcellent is proud to have reached the Japanese standard requirement in the ENEOS Car Services Centre branding campaign events for the past 4 years. We managed the events from event set up until the end of the events in major shopping malls. The events were to create the branding awareness of ENEOS. Most of the ENEOS events displayed a mammoth size ENEOS Engine Oil packaging, car accessories, products kiosks, sport cars and promotional items. With our attractive event programs, we managed to attract a lot of motor enthusiasts and buyers to the events. In the conclusion of the events, feedback received provided vital information for future marketing plans.


Through efficient promotion activities such as ENEOS Pit Stop Fortune Lucky Sprint, Happy 1 Hours Crazy Promotions, attractive promotion leaflets distributed by our friendly promoters, event games with a group of sporty GT Girls and our professional Emcee kept the motoring crowd roaring.


Besides that, we had displayed 8 information boards regarding ENEOS products knowledge for the viewing public. We had large backdrops about H 16′ x W 30′ ENEOS Engine colossal mock ups displayed and ENEOS Pit Stop Fortune Lucky Sprint booths. A hand made colored carpet with the ENEOS logo on the event floor made a huge difference to the floor and admired by visitors.


In this competitive market, Adcellent has provided ENEOS a platform to make its mark and gain its desired market share among existing established brands.


January 1, 2015