Omron Corporation (オムロン株式会社 Omuron Kabushiki-gaisha) is an electronics company based in Kyoto, Japan. They set to launch a glucose monitoring kit into the Malaysia market. Diabetes is ranked top 3 NCD (Non-cure diseases) in Malaysia. Therefore, it is a huge opportunity for Omron to enter into the market, especially when Malaysian is still using the traditional way to detect diabetes, passive for clinic checking, and the lack of medical device.


Our idea is to use ant as the primary concept to link up with Malaysia target audience. As we know, the ant is sensitive to sugar, and from an old myth, ants will come to you when they know you have diabetes. Hence, we educate the target audience that they should try the modern technology which comes with more accurate and efficient results rather than relying on the traditional way.


In the end, it was a successful campaign. Omron was able to gain huge exposure from the public, and having positive sales results of their devices.



January 1, 2015